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Website Review

I make sure your website is performing its best by thoroughly reviewing it before making any changes. I look for potential issues a user might face, big or small, and make suggestions about how improvements could be made to fix that, ensuring your user is always on the right path to achieve their goals.

Business Strategy

We discuss what you are trying to achieve, and place goals on your website planning how to achieve that. For example, a product might use a small website to collect initial customers which can be grown into a much larger website later on with leads ready-to-go.

User Experience Design

I design your website to be as easy to use as possible while guiding users towards the end goal. Putting the user’s experience first, whether they’re looking to subscribe, trying to contact you, or just gathering information, will ensure more loyal users increasing long term sales.

Tailored Development

I build with your goals in mind, whether you want a simple flexible website, a custom storefront or a SaaS product. I focus on making websites easy to work with so your team have full control, while keeping code maintainable for easy updates.

Rigorous Testing

I ensure your website is of excellent quality by thoroughly testing with multiple approaches. Whether you’re looking to ensure consistency across multiple browsers, want reassurance code works as expected or want to isolate visual components, testing helps guarantee everything works as expected.

Ongoing Support

Your website is always growing. Whether you’re adding new features or making improvements I’m here to help. I won’t leave you guessing how your own website works and will always be available to answer any questions you might have.

Bringing a personal touch

Building a great website is more than just knowing how to make things look pretty or writing clever code. I listen to your needs, ensuring you get a product you’re happy with. Listen to the great things others have said.

Dan's core strength is his ability to adapt and apply critical thinking to a problem. He doesn't just take a project and do it, he will break it down, check it ticks all the boxes (including the ones you forgot about!), and then deliver something beyond your expectations. Work with him without hesitation!

Chris Southam

The SaaS People

I always love working with Dan - he’s professional and enthusiastic and always willing to provide insight and suggestions for improving accessibility and functionality of a site or project. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough!

Sara King


We loved working with Dan and appreciate all his contributions to Pigeon Loans. If anyone is in the market for hiring a great freelance front-end developer, don’t hesitate to add Dan to your team.

Brian Bristol

Pigeon Loans

Over the last few months I’ve had the pleasure to work with Dan on the relaunch of our new marketing site. His attention to detail and flexibility to work with in our team’s style made him a delight to work with. Additionally, as an American it was awesome to wake up each day to a fresh package of improvements. To that end we are planning to employ Dan to help us modernize our other two sites as well.

Dru Sellers

One More Cloud

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