Hi there!

I'm Dan Spratling

I’m a user experience consultant working with teams around the world to help create outstanding websites.

I’ve been a developer since I started my career 5 years ago, and have always taken a deep interest in making websites the best they can be for everyone using them.

Now I design and develop beautiful websites which focus on providing the best experience for everyone using them, ensuring they are easy for your team to edit while also delivering the best experience for your users.

My Story

I've always loved technology. From a young age, technology has interested me. Most children play video games of some kind, from tetris to spyro, crash bandicoot to final fantasy, I loved playing with computers, but my interest didn't stop just at entertainment.

The more I played, the more I wanted to understand how things worked. If something broke, I would take it apart and figure out what had gone wrong, trying to get it back to normal.

I remember taking apart my computer when I was 12, an event which horrified my parents.

I still build my own computers.

I never lost my curiosity, but my interest in technologies changed as I expanded my knowledge from taking apart equipment to building new websites in code.

Now I focus on people and learning how they interact with websites, making sure they can achieve their goals leaving them satisfied and more likely to return as customers.

I’ve worked with agencies for 5 years, so I’ve built a large variety of websites. My main focus has been development but as a core member of small teams there were lots of responsibilites I often took charge on so I’ve done things from business strategy to leading teams.

I used this flexibility to expand what I can offer. I am no longer just a developer, with expertise in User Experience Design, Accessibility, Strategy and Testing I help businesses realise their goal by bringing their ideas to life.

How the services I offer could help you

When working with teams I tailor my approach to your needs. One tool does not work for everybody and I always aim to achieve the best results for who I’m currently working with.

I focus on building approaches which scale well to help promote growth while being simple enough to understand without extensive documentation. Whatever your team requires, I’ll be able to help out and provide improvements along the way.

Here's just a few of the tools I’ve worked with in the past. I’m always open to adding more to this list if they will help the project in need.

Don’t know what you need? I’ll help you build a plan of action which will help your business grow without creating lots more work.

Already have an idea and need somebody to help create it? I’ll listen to what you’re trying to achieve and make it as close to your vision as possible, with suggestions along the way to create the best product possible.

Have a team working on a project but need a boost of support? I’m flexible enough to work with any team, even if they’re part way through a project. Just let me know how to get started.

Where do we start?

Schedule a call so I can learn about your product and we can discuss the best way to help you meet your goals. I only work with two people each month so book a call now to avoid missing out.

Level up your business

Trusted by teams

Bringing a personal touch

Building a great website is more than just knowing how to make things look pretty or writing clever code. I listen to your needs, ensuring you get a product you’re happy with. Listen to the great things others have said.

Dan's core strength is his ability to adapt and apply critical thinking to a problem. He doesn't just take a project and do it, he will break it down, check it ticks all the boxes (including the ones you forgot about!), and then deliver something beyond your expectations. Work with him without hesitation!

Chris Southam

The SaaS People

I always love working with Dan - he’s professional and enthusiastic and always willing to provide insight and suggestions for improving accessibility and functionality of a site or project. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough!

Sara King


We loved working with Dan and appreciate all his contributions to Pigeon Loans. If anyone is in the market for hiring a great freelance front-end developer, don’t hesitate to add Dan to your team.

Brian Bristol

Pigeon Loans

Over the last few months I’ve had the pleasure to work with Dan on the relaunch of our new marketing site. His attention to detail and flexibility to work with in our team’s style made him a delight to work with. Additionally, as an American it was awesome to wake up each day to a fresh package of improvements. To that end we are planning to employ Dan to help us modernize our other two sites as well.

Dru Sellers

One More Cloud