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St Austell, UK

St Austell were facing a problem. Their business had grown exponentially, coming from a small Cornish town selling craft ales, and they were now a national business needing a B2B (business-to-business) platform suitable of supporting their demand.

What is St Austell Brewery?

St Austell brewery is a national brewery company within the UK. They are known for selling beers like Tribute, Korev and Proper Job, but their business expands far further than that. Their plan is to expand nationally and increase trading performance as a supplier of pubs, restaurants and stores.

The problem

Due to rapid expansion St Austell have accrued a number of different websites spreading across their many revenue streams. Many websites had been created for individual purposes and it was becoming impossible for the business to manage all of their different products at once.

Saving time, saving money

The proposed solution was to begin rebuilding their corporate websites and combining them into only a few platforms. Allowing wholesale customers to create orders on a single website provides them with numerous benefits.

  • They save time, by not having to place multiple orders on multiple websites
  • Products can be upsold across multiple categories
  • Consistent design contextualises the brand

It was noted that a lot of customers chose to call to place their orders, instead of ordering online. Manually having to place and track orders created a substantial workload which could be avoided.


Due to the new web build, more web orders were placed while the required effort for accepting new orders was reduced. Managing content was easier, as thousands of products could be organised in a single space, which meant happier team members.

  • This project was completed before starting my freelance career. While I had significant input on the project, I was not the sole contributor. I no longer have access to up-to-date statistics.

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