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Cheltenham, UK

Portman Dental Care needed help driving traffic to their Smile Clinics, practices specifically catering for smile improvement treatments.

What is Portman Smile Clinic?

Portman Dental Care is the leading private dental group in the UK, and their Smile Clinics are a group of practices focussed on aesthetic improvements for your smile.

The problem

Smile Clinics want to attract more customers for aesthetic improvements, as these types of treatments tend to be more profitable and more regular than general dentistry. However, the practices were strugging to bring in high quality leads on their own, so a website was proposed to gather leads for that specific market.

Find practices

The key improvement to be made was increasing the ease of finding practices which offered this kind of treatment. Most potential leads already knew what kind of treatment they wanted, so the focus was on capturing that and directing them to the right practice.

The goals were the following:

  1. Capture leads based on specific SEO search terms, specifically the different types of treatments.
  2. Direct potential customers to their local practice to make it easy for them to make an appointment.
  3. Make it easy for practices to cross-refer patients, in the case that a lead had registered interest at a practice far from their vicinity.

The new website has a lot of details explaining different treatments, as well as a practical ‘Practice Finder’ for encouraging leads to follow through with their enquiry. This makes referral as easy as possible.

Smiles all round

The new website was a more prominent way for leads to find their desired treatments through search, and the easy-to-use interface drove traffic through to the practices and resulted in capturing more high quality leads.

  • This project was completed before starting my freelance career. While I had significant input on the project, I was not the sole contributor. I no longer have access to up-to-date statistics.

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