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Delaware, USA

Pigeon Loans were about to launch and had an excellent system in place, but were missing the polish of a strong frontend. Users were left feeling confused and the site was unusable on mobile. Things needed to change, fast.

What is Pigeon Loans?

Pigeon Loans is a brand new platform for sharing loans between family and friends. The biggest issue people face when lending money privately is the unknown situation around repayment. Pigeon Loans makes that simple, by keeping track of everything for you.

The problem

The design of the website wasn't user focussed and was missing critical aspects which would help convert the users. This was especially prominent on the homepage, which relied almost exclusively on the introductory video to convince users to sign up for the product. The homepage needed a redesign.

Bringing user's needs front-and-center

I started by doubling down on the branding for the website. The colour scheme had already been decided upon but it wasn't used effectively. The attention of the user was brought to the sign up form, which was great, and the footer, which made less sense.

Using the branding to draw users attention to the right places meant that the homepage became much more scannable, and a subconscious association between the brand colour and the most important parts of the page was formed.

The homepage also gained some new much-needed content. While most websites suffer from too much content, Pigeon Loans suffered from too little, and there was no reason to click the video, which was the only thing used to convince users to sign up. Now the video is still important, but you can find out about and understand the product without being required to watch the video.


The improved homepage design made the website much easier to navigate. With improved branding, better layout and stronger content the site now encourages users to sign up. It demonstrates the benefits users could recieve without requiring them to take uneccessary steps to find out.

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