A new site for a new identity




Bath, UK

DenGro were looking to boost their brand identity and to stand out from the crowd. They are a SaaS company and all of their focus had been on their product. The old website had been left behind, so it was time for a change.

What is DenGro?

DenGro is a CRM platform for dentists, used to capture leads, manage treatments, and stay in touch with patients. It brings practices into the 21st century, as many were still using spreadsheets for the task, which don't scale well.

The problem

DenGro had grown fairly quickly, receiving interest from hundreds of practices through good networking, but their website left a lot to be desired. It only had a few pages, was boring to look at, and didn't really demonstrate what DenGro could do. Practices who looked at it were very unlikely to purchase.

Stand out from the crowd

We decided that there were a two key areas that needed improvement

  • Users had to be able to find out enough information about DenGro to understand what it did from the website. The website should be able to stand alone as a point to capture users.
  • The website had to be engaging, to draw the attention of users and be easily recognisable.

Being able to focus the website in a way which meant it could be used without having to have previous context was crucial. There was only so much which could be done through networking and, as direct marketing is expensive for a small company. There were other more efficient marketing methods which could have been utilised.

Other means of marketing, like SEO and online advertising can drive traffic to the website but the website has to be engaging in order to keep visitors' attention. Before money could be spent on other marketing techniques, the website had to be improved.


After improving the website, lead generation was increased from a wider variety of marketing channels. This allows DenGro to break the barrier into being a profitable startup, a huge milestone in any new business.

  • This project was completed before starting my freelance career. While I had significant input on the project, I was not the sole contributor. I no longer have access to up-to-date statistics.

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